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Crafting Engaging LinkedIn Posts: A Writer's Guide

Updated: May 22

Have you ever wondered how some people get thousands of likes, comments, and shares on their LinkedIn posts? How do they attract their ideal clients and grow their network with just a few words?

It's no mystery; they've mastered the art of crafting engaging LinkedIn posts that captivate their audience and leave them craving more.

You see, LinkedIn is not just a platform for sharing your resume and achievements. It’s also a powerful tool for building your personal brand, showcasing your expertise, and connecting with your target market.

But to do that, you need to write posts that stand out from the crowd and resonate with your readers.

In this article, I’ll share with you some tips and tricks on how to craft engaging LinkedIn posts that will help you reach your goals. You are one post away from your dream client, so let’s get started!

1. Start with an attention-grabbing hook

The first step to writing an engaging post is to grab the attention of your audience. You want to make them stop scrolling and click that ‘read more’ button.

There are multiple ways you can do this, let's go through with examples:

  • Turn the pain point of your post into a question. 

  • ❌Tips to write catchy headlines for LinkedIn posts.

  • ✅Do you struggle with writing catchy headlines for your blog posts?

  • Make the audience curious by leaving them hanging.

  • ❌A simple formula to write catchy headlines for LinkedIn posts.

  • ✅ I would spend hours staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with something catchy and clever. But then I discovered a simple formula that changed everything.

To write effective LinkedIn posts, it is important to spend enough time getting the hook right!

2. Structuring your post for easy readability

Once you have hooked your audience, you want to keep them engaged throughout your post. To do that, you need to structure your post for easy readability.

Here are some tips to make your post more reader-friendly:

  • Use short paragraphs, bullet points, and proper spacing to break up your text and improve the reading experience. Avoid long blocks of text that can overwhelm or bore your reader.

  • Highlight key points with bold or italics to emphasize your main message and make it easier for your reader to scan your post.

Example: Consider this post: Instead of presenting a wall of text, I've broken down the information into bite-sized paragraphs, incorporated bullet points for key takeaways, and utilized bold text for emphasis. 

Check the image below to understand the difference. The format on the left not only makes it easier to consume but also keeps the reader engaged.

3. Tell a story

One of the best ways to make your posts memorable and relatable is to tell a story. Stories are powerful because they appeal to our emotions, imagination, and curiosity. They also help us to remember and understand information better.

You can use stories to illustrate your points, share your experiences, or inspire your audience. You can also use stories to show your personality, your values, and your voice.

Example: You are to write a post on how to never run out of ideas for LinkedIn posts.

❌ 5 things you can do if you run out of ideas for LinkedIn posts.

✅” Let me share a personal anecdote: When I first started writing LinkedIn posts, I often found myself at a loss for words. However, one day, I stumbled upon a unique experience that completely changed my approach to content creation…”

The second would grab more attention because It seems personalized even though the advice might be generic. 

4. Add emojis to your posts

Emojis are not just for texting or social media. They can also be used to spice up your LinkedIn posts and make them more expressive, engaging, and fun.

Emojis can help you to:

  • Highlight or emphasize your points, keywords, or calls to action. For example, 🔥, 🚨, 💡, 📣, etc.

  • Convey your tone, mood, or emotion. For example, 😊, 😂, 😢, 😡, etc.

Think of emojis as the seasoning to your content dish. Just like a chef sprinkles spices to enhance flavor, adding emojis strategically can add zest to your posts.

5. Use Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially on LinkedIn. A good visual can make your post more attractive, appealing, and memorable. It can also support, illustrate, or amplify your message.

The key to choosing a good visual is to make sure it is relevant, high-quality, and original. You want to use a visual that relates to your topic, that looks professional and clear, and that reflects your brand and your voice.

Example: Everyone nowadays is attaching pictures of their own with their LinkedIn posts and a lot of times it comes out as irrelevant.

Here is what smart individuals are doing.

You need not have pictures for all the posts, using such ways you can grab more attention while still looking relevant.

6. Mention relevant people

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it allows you to connect and interact with other professionals in your industry, niche, or network. You can leverage this feature by mentioning relevant people in your posts.

You can mention people/companies to:

  • Give credit or appreciation

  • Provide value or information

  • Start a conversation or a collaboration

7. Avoid adding link in the post

One of the common mistakes that people make when writing LinkedIn posts is to add a link in the post. This can be a link to your website, your blog, your landing page, your product, or your offer.

You might think that adding a link in your post is a good way to drive traffic, generate leads, or make sales. But the truth is, adding a link in your post can actually hurt your performance and your results.

Why? Because LinkedIn does not like links. LinkedIn wants to keep its users on its platform, not send them away to other websites.

Solution: Instead of adding a link in your post, you should add a link in the first comment of your post. This way, you can still share your link with your audience, but without affecting your post's performance.

8. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are another feature that you can use to boost your LinkedIn posts and make them more discoverable, searchable, and relevant.

You can use hashtags to:

  • Increase your reach and visibility

  • Follow or track trends.

Example: You are to write a post on digital marketing. So when discussing the latest marketing trends, incorporating hashtags such as #DigitalMarketing or #ContentStrategy can amplify the reach of your post, ensuring it reaches the right audience at the right time.

9. End with a thought provoking CTA

The last step to writing an engaging post is to end with a thought provoking call to action (CTA). A CTA is a statement that invites your reader to take a specific action or response after reading your post.

You can use a CTA to:

  • Encourage your reader to engage with your post.

    • ask them to like, comment, or share your post.

  • Invite your readers to join your community.

    • ask them to follow you, connect with you, or join your group.

  • Offer your reader more value.

    • ask them to check out your link, sign up for your newsletter, or download your freebie.

  • Challenge your reader to take action

    • ask them to try your tips, implement your strategy, or apply your advice.

2 Best LinkedIn Tools for content creation

 In the vast sea of content, standing out and making an impact is crucial for success. That's where strategic tools come into play. Let's delve into two of the best LinkedIn tools that can help in creating engaging linkedin posts.

AuthoredUp is an all-in-one LinkedIn content creation and analytics tool. It helps you create engaging and effective posts, schedule them in advance, and measure their performance. AuthoredUp is designed for non-professional marketers who want to grow their personal brand and generate leads on LinkedIn. With AuthoredUp, you can save time, optimize your content, and boost your LinkedIn growth.

Key Features -

1) Content Creation Studio

AuthoredUp has a powerful editor that lets you format your posts with bold, italic, emojis, bullets, and gifs. It also provides you with hooks, CTAs, snippets, and readability scores to improve your content quality and engagement.

2) Analytics and Insights

AuthoredUp collects and analyzes all your LinkedIn posts and their stats. You can compare posts, find your best work, and reuse it for future posts. You can also dive into content insights, for individual users and across your teams. AuthoredUp helps you understand what works and what doesn’t on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Top Voices trust AutoredUp. It’s a gamechanger for those who regularly publish on LinkedIn.

Pricing Plans - Plans start from as low as $16.65 a month. Start your free trial today to experience streamlined content creation.

ContentIn is a personal AI ghostwriter that helps you write better LinkedIn content faster. It helps you plan your content, generate ideas, write engaging posts, and schedule them in advance. ContentIn is designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and creators who want to grow their personal brand and reach on LinkedIn. With ContentIn, you can save time, optimize your content, and boost your LinkedIn growth.

Key Features -

1) Writing Superpowers

ContentIn lets you create a weekly content plan in minutes. It also provides you with unlimited AI-generated ideas and viral templates to inspire you. You can also ask the AI to write a post for you based on your topic, hook, or CTA.

2) Smart Planner

ContentIn has a post scheduler that lets you schedule your posts in advance and sync them with your LinkedIn profile. You can also track and analyze your post performance, engagement, and sentiment. ContentIn helps you discover what works and what doesn’t on LinkedIn.

Pricing Plans - Plans start from as low as $15.85 a month. Let ContentIn convert your ideas into beautiful LinkedIn Posts. Start a free trial NOW!

Wrapping Up

Crafting engaging LinkedIn posts requires strategic thinking and creativity. Start with    attention-grabbing hooks, use storytelling techniques, and enhance your posts with emojis and visuals. Avoid common mistakes like including links directly in your posts, and instead, add them in the comments. Utilize relevant hashtags and end with a compelling call to action.

Tools like AuthoredUp and ContentIn can streamline your content creation process, offering valuable insights and assistance. By implementing these strategies and tools, you can elevate your LinkedIn presence, connect with your target audience, and achieve your goals effectively. Start crafting engaging LinkedIn posts today and see your network grow and your influence expand.

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